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ESG Law is dedicated to serving venues and production companies shaping the landscape of entertainment, both in person, on broadcast, and in bespoke content. Our expertise extends to those responsible for crafting engaging broadcasts, full service content productions, and other immersive experiences, and includes the following:

  • Structuring and negotiating production agreements for events, live streams, and tournaments including notable events such as the inaugural Race to the World First and TimtheTatman Tailgate.

  • Advising on legal considerations within the digital entertainment landscape, addressing issues such as copyright issues, online content distribution, and compliance with evolving digital regulations and FTC influencer guidelines.

  • Offering legal counsel on event planning, including navigating the music licensing and booking industry, the organization of esports tournaments, live gaming events, and other entertainment activities hosted within physical venues.

  • Providing corporate legal advice to LAN Centers looking to raise funds and expand their offerings, supporting incorporation, raising, and corporate governance.

  • Supporting ancillary revenue streams, including merchandising and brand deals.

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