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ESG Law has performed extensive work on deals involving talent agencies, brand agencies, and related management companies. Having worked on behalf of agencies and adverse to them, ESG has an intimate understanding of deal flow, common pitfalls, and how to best advocate for our clients' interests.

ESG Law's activation contract template has become the digital media industry standard for use in endorsement and activation agreements. This, plus our longstanding relationships with endemic and non-endemic marketing departments in the digital media, video games, esports, and entertainment sectors, positions us to serve as a one-stop shop for any agency looking for a simple and efficient solution to a large number of deals with limited turnaround time. Examples of this work include:

  • Creating the industry standard activation agreement template, used by dozens of creators and brands in the gaming space, and updating it to align with current business practices and customs.

  • Negotiating and drafting broadcasting, endorsement, and activation agreements for top creators represented by agencies and management companies.

  • Advising on registration and compliance under the California Talent Agencies Act, Miller Ayala Athlete's Agency Act, and equivalent statutes and regulations in other jurisdictions.

  • Obtaining talent agency licenses required by various jurisdictions, allowing clients to operate lawfully.

  • Advising on trademark registration and brand enforcement on behalf of gaming talent and creators..

  • Providing immigration services to agencies' creators, influencers, and other talent.

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