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ESG Law represents internationally-renowned talent and creators throughout the esports and video games industry. Our clients cast, host, and analyze marquee esports events in the biggest esports titles. They also create first-class content outside of esports, ranging from talk shows and analytical video series to vtubing and full-time gameplay streaming. Many leverage their popular brands into establishing and scaling successful apparel and product companies.

Creators and talent are often asked to sign contracts (or asked to perform work without a contract) and need trusted, skilled, and experienced attorneys that will guide them through this process and give custom advice specific to their individual business goals and needs. ESG has extensive experience supporting creators and talent. Examples of how we support our clients include:

  • Handling endorsement contracts, whether related to one-off branded content deals, mid-length campaigns, or for long-term partnerships.

  • Incorporating and forming legal entities through which creators and talent enter into contracts, generate revenue, and establish new ventures.

  • Negotiating industry-leading streaming deals on every major streaming platform, including Twitch and YouTube.

  • Drafting and negotiating talent agreements for casters and analysts working premier esports events and other on-camera events around the world.

  • Preparing and filing visa petitions on behalf of broadcast talent, influencers, and other digital media personalities.

  • Advising on contracts between talent and their agency, including those governed strictly by the California Talent Agency Act, and resolving disputes related to the same.

  • Collaborating with our most innovative clients on how to mitigate risk when running first-of-their kind events.

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