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Lydia Kautsky

Associate Attorney

Lydia’s goal as an attorney is to support clients through legal strategies to empower them to experiment, innovate, and dominate the esports and entertainment industries. She works efficiently to solve problems and provide solutions. With Lydia as part of your team, you can expect a close working relationship built on trust, an environment of collaboration, and clear commitment to your goals.

Her professional focus includes the esports, gaming, content creation, and entertainment industries. Licensed to practice law in both Washington State and California, Lydia assists clients with drafting and negotiating player and content creator contracts, transfer agreements, league and tournament operating agreements, and sponsorship and brand activation agreements.

She leverages her skills beyond traditional confines of esports and gaming. Lydia advises clients in employment law and business privacy compliance, handles immigration work for content creators, reality TV stars, and esports players and staff, assists with operating sweepstakes within the United States, and drafts intellectual property licensing agreements, including music licensing and merchandising agreements. She is always willing to learn new skills and expand her utility to support clients from all facets of the entertainment industry.

Prior to joining ESG in 2018, Lydia clerked at ESG, co-founded the Sports and Entertainment Law Society at the University of Washington School of Law, served as a Senior Managing Editor for the Washington International Law Journal, interned at a law firm in Prague, Czech Republic, and studied law at Roma Tre University in Rome, Italy.

A fan first, Lydia is deeply invested in the longevity and success of esports and gaming. Becoming an esports fan was the natural evolution from a youth filled with Age of Empire battles, vicious Mario Kart races, and League of Legends matches. Look for Lydia at esports tournaments throughout the year, especially League of Legends and Valorant.

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