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AJ Jameel

Associate Attorney

AJ Jameel is an associate attorney at ESG Law where he represents many of the premier organizations in esports, gaming, UGC development, content creation, and media. While AJ works on a variety of different legal issues in these areas, he primarily spends most of his time working on talent deals, sponsorship and brand activations, player contracts, league and tournament agreements, intellectual property issues and licensing, influencer immigration, corporate structure, start-up support, and developing the legal strategy needed to navigate the fast paced and ever changing landscape of entertainment and media.

AJ is the Co-Executive Director of the Esports Bar Association, a non-profit organization, where he manages the organization’s high level initiatives and strategies, as well as conducts day to day operations. AJ’s work at the EBA was instrumental in the development of the world’s first esports legal academic journal and conducting the EBA’s annual symposium. In addition, AJ works with various state legislatures and lobbyist groups to advise on policies that will impact the esports and gaming business landscape.

Prior to ESG, AJ was a law clerk for Morrison Rothman working on the player side of the esports industry. While AJ now primarily represents teams in the esports ecosystem, his experience and perspective has proven invaluable when negotiating with players, content creators, and influencers.

AJ is no rookie to esports and gaming. Before law school, AJ worked as a Senior Game Master at Blizzard Entertainment for 7 years where he supported games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Overwatch. At Blizzard, AJ was driven by the company’s goals and business objectives to identify needs within the organization and lead initiatives to implement improved processes and tools to address the issues. In 2016 AJ left Blizzard to pursue a career in law, but remains dedicated to serving the esports, gaming, and entertainment industries and their communities.

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